Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pack 'em up!

This week we prepared the QCF and F24 for shipment to Brazil. The guys came up with great ideas for packing the airplanes and implemented them perfectly. Fitting these two airplanes into a 40' container was a challenge and then some! Everything fit into place the airplanes have began their journey which will take well over a month. To St. Paul via truck, east coast by rail and to Brazil by ship they will go! Here are a few shots of the birds being loaded into the container. They have been checked, double and triple. An accelerometer and GPS have also been placed into the container so we can track their progress during the journey. It is now in the hands of the shipping company, we'll see 'em on the other side so now, back to work on making some more airplanes to fill the hole in the hangar!

Our new facility continues to take shape every day and, is on schedule. Here are some photos of this weeks progress. It has been a challenge for sure since we had sub-zero temps all last week and the substantial snow fall the week prior. It has been quite impressive the see the contractors in action. With the temps in the 30's this week I think I saw a guy at the job site in shorts. Stay tuned for more updates on the building and other happenings since it had been a very busy week at RARE Aircraft Ltd.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010


A couple more photos of the building site. More structure up last week and planning on the "other half" to be possibly complete this week. They are keeping it open to accommodate a crane for installation of the concrete slabs that will make up the roof portion of the offices. Once these "slabs" are in place the rest of the structure will be up and the process of enclosing the building will begin!