Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lay it On!

The guys are in full cover mode this week. In the last update we shared some pre-cover photos of N32133 and now, cover time! Monday we took 32133 all back apart after completing the pre cover checks. Everything fit great and there were only a few minor adjustments required. The difference between our remanufactured to better than new standards aircraft and production aircraft is that we are constantly improving our fit and finish. Sometimes it takes a little longer but, in the end you'll have a trophy worthy aircraft, not just another one off the line. Not only do they look good, they fly perfect and true. Any bi-plane can be force rigged to fly straight. There is a difference between flying straight and flying true. The goal is to have the rigging provide both straight and true. When this is accomplished the aircraft achieves maximum cruise, has all control surfaces in trail flush and gives the best handling characteristics possible. Having the privilege of test flying the end product I'll tell you these guys have rigging nailed down. The past three UPF-7's have been hands off on the first flight! If all goes according to plan this week we'll have the wings, center section and tail feathers covered and thru nitrate. Stay tuned for more photos from the shop and have a great week!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pre Cover!

UPF-7 N32133 s/n 5765 is on the march to completion. It is undergoing pre cover assembly this week and will be going into cover the next. The new wings fit up and match beautifully. As you can see everything on this airplane is new or as we say, remanufactured to better than new standards. This airplane will be "stock" and powered by a W670 from Air Repair Inc. Stay tuned for more progress photos.