Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oshkosh 2011

We're excited to once again to be at and see all our friends at Airventure 2011! We are planning on having five airplanes on site and be at three locations throughout the show grounds. We will be at: Antique Classic, Teledyne Continental Motors and Cub Crafters. The following RARE birds will be attending:


Friday, July 15, 2011

N44JP Paint Progress

The Progress Jackpot on N44JP was hit this week! The team worked very hard and produced some fantastic results. Dan Schumaker, the man behind the gun on this project, put in lots of hard work and planning to achieve this level of progress with fantastic results!!! More to come. Thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

015 in France

A while back we reported shipping a Stearman to France. Friend and customer Julien Paire was kind enough to share a couple of photos of it all settled in across the pond. Thanks for sharing Julien!

Monday, July 11, 2011


More Yellow going on N44JP. We're moving right along on both Stearmans today. 6CD in pre-cover and 4JP in color. More to come. Thanks for checking in.

Four Wings!

Pre Cover Assembly 6CD

The Doyle machine is into pre-cover today. The Big Sky four aileron, five wire wings are neatly stacked into position. Wires are laid out and center section is being squared up as I type. More to come....


We're shooting the yeller today on N44JP. We'll be sure to share more photos as things progress. Thanks for checking in!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

N44JP on to Color

The Parish Stearman has had some serious progress in the past three weeks. We have covered, stitched, taped and primed all of the surfaces except the fuselage. Color as began today with the wings going into yellow. The crew put some very hard work into accomplishing their goals on this project. The march to completion is on. With the exception of the fuselage all of the fabric surfaces are into prime as well as all the sheet metal. In the coming days the shop will be decorated with numerous yellow parts big and small. Stripped to the bones and brought back this will be one crisp new Stearman ready for years of enjoyment. Hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for checking in!


The Doyle 450 Stearman is moving along nicely. The leading edges are going onto the new Big Sky four aileron wing set today. Precover assembly starts tomorrow. It wont be long and we will be covering the wings and fuselage. The majority of the sheet metal is already painted as are the tail feathers. Instrument panels, instruments and plumbing are still needing to be completed before we go into cover. A custom smoke tank set up was installed using a kit supplied by Smoking Airplanes LLC. We made custom mounts for the kit and plumbed in an external fill point to make the task of oiling up less messy. We hope to be sharing some precover assembly shots of this bird with you in the near future! Thanks for checking in.