Wednesday, May 18, 2011


An informal walk around of N5ZP the latest Waco by RARE Aircraft. This Waco is an instant classic with its paint scheme yet modern with lots of custom details. Classy with a touch of race! We have scheduled the air to air photo shoot for the end of this week. Look for some great pics coming up on the main site next month. Come by the Vintage area at Oshkosh this year and check it out in person! We also hope to have it at the National Waco Club Fly-in in June as well.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gang of Cubs

Bill Hamsa, a happy owner of his new Carbon Cub SS sent us a couple of photos yesterday from an outing. Looks like Bill got together with the other Carbons in the area and went out to play! Thanks for sharing the photos Bill!

The attached video walk around is of Bills airplane that we previously posted. Carbon Cub sales are strong this year, factory production slots are already full through September. Once you see the quality and experience the ultimate performance Cub on the planet its easy to understand why. Thanks for checking in and have a great day!


N966CD is getting some color this week. Dan shot the Doyle signature color on N966CD's tail feathers yesterday. All went well. Its fun to be doing something different!

We're also building up a fresh set of wings using the Big Sky kit with the four aileron conversion. We should be putting these wings in cover in a little over two weeks. As things come together we'll be sure to share some more photos.


Waco QCF s/n 3540 was certified for service by the factory on July 10, 1931. It had been commissioned by Miss Georgina P. Yeatman of Cheastnut Hill, PA. Records show that it was delivered to her that date by distributer, Wings Corp., Blue Bell, PA.

The Original registration number was NC-11455. Upon acquiring title to the aircraft in 1990, the owner found that this umber was assigned to another aircraft and not available. A similar number, NC-11457, also originally assigned to a Waco, was reserved and assigned to the airplane.

The aircraft was purchased from noted Waco historian Marion "Curly" Havelaar in 1990, along with a small handful of original parts. Mr. Havelaar procured the aircraft from the last owner, Mr. Roy M. Lamoureaux of Casper Wyoming.

Work began on the airplane in fall 2004. It was recreated throughout that year and completed October 2005. This airplane is as close to new as possible with ALL new wood and no stone left unturned during the restoration process.

The airframe has literally been remanufactured to new but original standards. Original parts were used whereever possible, and what had to be fabricated was done precisely to original Waco factory prints.

The spirit of the restoration has been to keep the original appearance of the airplane as a sincere representation of its 1931 persona while bringing it operationally into the new millennium. In order to display the 1931 originality:

1. The paint Style selected was that of original factory style for the aircraft.
2. The instruments were restored to original.
3. Installation of the Hamilton Standard 5131 Propeller, which was original to the type, the Curtiss-Reed had not yet been certified nor is legal on this aircraft per the TCDS.
4. The fuselage is gas welded as originally done.
5. Stainless steel hardware was used wherever possible. Other hardware was re-plated to clear (silver) cad plate as used in 1931. Cottered nuts wherever possible.
6.Original Pioneer pitot/static mast used.
7. Original new/old stock grimes lights installed with true green lens on the right vs. later plue green.

We did a walk around video of the airplane posted below. There are photos of it on our home site under featured restorations under the WACO heading. Thank you for checking in!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Airmail to France

Last Wednesday we containerized a Stearman to go to France. This airplane was a flying airplane that we were brokering and it ended up being purchased by a gentleman from France. The crew did a great job packing the bird up in short order. In just under two hours they had it secure and ready to leave. The aircraft will remain in the "N" registry while being operated in France and will be flown regularly. Hopefully all arrives in good order. This is our sixth airplane to get containerized and all have traveled without incident. Knockin on wood, Bon Voyage old friend!


The N2S-3 Stearman, N44JP is progressing nicely. We have completely stripped the aircraft down to the absolute minimum, reconditioned or replaced all that was lacking and needing attention. No stone has been left unturned. This will be a very original, stock restoration. This aircraft was actually based and did its service at NAS Ottumwa, Iowa. At one point in its life this airplane sat apart in Jamacia! Funny how these things get around and how they can come full circle. Welcome back the the midwest old training friend. Perhaps we'll get you close to your old home for a visit this year during the AAA fly in or on your way home.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Family Members!

Last week we added two new members to the family! Russ Francis, pictured with a few of our team members and N29352 is the happy new owner of this red beauty. You may recognize the airplane as the AOPA Sweepstakes airplane that was restored by RARE Aircraft LTD and given away by AOPA in 2003. It's still looking good and sold in a week within being listed! We gave Russ a check out in his shiny new red machine and sent him over the horizon that afternoon.

Also new to the family is Pete Neal of Buffalo NY. Pete purchased the beautiful one owner 2002 Super Decathlon that we had listed and had sold new. Karen gave Pete a check out in his new bird and we all spend some time together helping getting Pete and his bird acquainted. Pete made it to Dunkirk NY the first day and made a short hop home to Buffalo the following morning. A special thanks to Dennis Borkowski, one of our ACE WACO Ferry pilots, for turning Pete onto his new bird. Dennis is also from the Buffalo area and is currently waiting for weather to clear so he can head our way in the Taperwing, N565T.
This week we're doing more covering on our current projects. Next week we're shipping a Stearman to France and preparing to send a Top Cub to Australia. Hopefully we can get some good shots to share with you all on the blog. Thank you for checking in.