Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Family Members!

Last week we added two new members to the family! Russ Francis, pictured with a few of our team members and N29352 is the happy new owner of this red beauty. You may recognize the airplane as the AOPA Sweepstakes airplane that was restored by RARE Aircraft LTD and given away by AOPA in 2003. It's still looking good and sold in a week within being listed! We gave Russ a check out in his shiny new red machine and sent him over the horizon that afternoon.

Also new to the family is Pete Neal of Buffalo NY. Pete purchased the beautiful one owner 2002 Super Decathlon that we had listed and had sold new. Karen gave Pete a check out in his new bird and we all spend some time together helping getting Pete and his bird acquainted. Pete made it to Dunkirk NY the first day and made a short hop home to Buffalo the following morning. A special thanks to Dennis Borkowski, one of our ACE WACO Ferry pilots, for turning Pete onto his new bird. Dennis is also from the Buffalo area and is currently waiting for weather to clear so he can head our way in the Taperwing, N565T.
This week we're doing more covering on our current projects. Next week we're shipping a Stearman to France and preparing to send a Top Cub to Australia. Hopefully we can get some good shots to share with you all on the blog. Thank you for checking in.

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