Thursday, June 9, 2011

N966CD is moving along nicely. The new Big Sky four aileron wing set is about 90% done and should begin cover next week. Tail feathers are covered and painted with the rudder still needing checkering. The Air Repair STC gear seal kit, redline brake kit and fresh hardware are all installed with the gear ready to go. A few more details in the fuselage such as the instrument panels, plumbing,smoke system and we can begin cover on the fuselage. The guys have worked hard on repairing, smoothing and priming up the BT-13 cowling and Stinson Reliant wheel pants that give this big 450 Stearman its signature brawny appearance. Color will be going on the front end parts very soon. Two airplanes, in cover, both getting parts painted, different coating systems and parts galore. I'm having a hard time keeping it all straight! We're glad Dan Schumaker is the man behind the gun on this one, he'll keep it straight but, after this booth marathon he might forget what the light of day looks like! It wont be long and there will be some huge visual progress with large parts in color and going back on both airplanes.

N44JP Stearman

Pre-Cover Assembly is complete and we are into cover this week on N44JP. A new Stringer cage has been built, is being painted OD green, will go back on the fuselage and cover will commence on the fuselage next week. This airplane has been totally stripped to the bone and brought back up. It's going to be one fresh Stearman. We have completely gone through the landing gear and installed Red-Line Brakes. The tail wheel assembly is all shiny and new as well. This will be a very stock, original airplane with correct markings. With N44JP and N966CD into cover and paint the paint booth will be VERY busy over the next month!

Monday, June 6, 2011


We're pleased to report that since delivering N5ZP to its home, the owner has put 11 more hours on it, 60 landings and all is well! He seems to be really enjoying the airplane. Here are a couple of photos from the photo shoot two weeks ago. To really appreciate the shade of blue used you need to see the airplane in person. It is a very deep insignia blue that appears almost black in photos. Exactly what the owner described when we were picking colors. You'll have a chance to see this beauty in person at the WACO fly-in at Mt Vernon and of course EAA at Oshkosh. We look forward to seeing you there. Thanks for checking in!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Great Lakes

Thought we would share a couple of photos of a Great Lakes that was restored by RARE Aircraft Ltd. Classic Waco is reviving the Lakes and has been using this aircraft as their show example. Perhaps you saw it at the Waco Classic Display at Sun & Fun. Its good to know it's still out and about.
We've restored four Great Lakes'. Nice little airplane with gentle manners. I always tell folks it handles just like a Super Decathlon with twice the drag and the wind in your hair.
Next week we'll share some updates on out current projects. Thanks for checking in!