Thursday, September 29, 2011

SR-8B Stinson

After completion of the two custom 450 Stearmans we have on our plate there is more to do. Yesterday we received our next project, a Stinson Reliant SR-8B. This should keep us busy this winter as it is one large bird. We also have two other projects inbound that we'll share with you soon. It's nice to have a full plate going into the cold dark months! Thanks for visiting the blog.

Doyle Stearman Update

We're moving along on the Doyle Stearman nicely. The wings are all in silver and about ready for color. Over the past couple of weeks we have been working away at completing the pre-cover assembly on the fuselage and getting all the other fabric surfaces up through silver.

Zech Bell is laying up the first of the fuselage covering on the Doyle Stearman today.
We'll be sure to add many photos over the next couple of weeks since there will be lots of visual progress on this job.

Friday, September 23, 2011

WACO Taperwing

N6714 s/n A-20 was restored by RARE Aircraft in 1998. This WACO has Fuel injection feeding a 975 Wright. Inverted Fuel/Oil and show smoke. A-20 is a real performer! To see more check out the featured restorations gallery on the RARE web site.

Friday, September 16, 2011


We've scheduled several posts to share photos of past RARE Aircraft Ltd restorations done over the years. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Flightline

The Flightline television program ran a segment on the Stearman that we have had the past several updates on. Turn up the sound and enjoy some HD video! Thank you for checking in.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Round Engine School

Our Good friend Rodney Tangerina from Brazil is here at RARE for a visit. He is here learning more about conducting maintenance on the aircraft we have shipped to Brazil. Rodney is the director of maintenance for the company that operates the Waco's and Fairchild. In this photo he is busy doing cylinder base nut re-torques and valve adjustments on a Jacobs engine. We are also having a good time introducing Rodney to Minnesota cuisine and spirits! Next week we will be doing more training with a second engineer from Brazil for the same purpose Rodney is here. If your in the area stop on in and say hello!

Doyle Stearman

We're full steam ahead on the Doyle Stearman and plan to be in the air in about a month. Things are progressing nicely. You will be seeing lots of turquoise in the next couple of weeks! Enjoy. Thank you for stopping by our blog!

Monday, September 12, 2011

We attended the Stearman Fly-In in Galesburg over the weekend with 444 where its owners met us to pick it up. The flight to the fly-in was a great trip and 444 had 8.3 hours on it since restoration when we arrived. What a great fly in. Plenty of flying to do while there and fun events throughout the day. The best for me was watching John Mohr do his routine at the airshow. Heres a couple snap shots of the sea of yellow. Thanks for checking in!