Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Waco QCF s/n 3540 was certified for service by the factory on July 10, 1931. It had been commissioned by Miss Georgina P. Yeatman of Cheastnut Hill, PA. Records show that it was delivered to her that date by distributer, Wings Corp., Blue Bell, PA.

The Original registration number was NC-11455. Upon acquiring title to the aircraft in 1990, the owner found that this umber was assigned to another aircraft and not available. A similar number, NC-11457, also originally assigned to a Waco, was reserved and assigned to the airplane.

The aircraft was purchased from noted Waco historian Marion "Curly" Havelaar in 1990, along with a small handful of original parts. Mr. Havelaar procured the aircraft from the last owner, Mr. Roy M. Lamoureaux of Casper Wyoming.

Work began on the airplane in fall 2004. It was recreated throughout that year and completed October 2005. This airplane is as close to new as possible with ALL new wood and no stone left unturned during the restoration process.

The airframe has literally been remanufactured to new but original standards. Original parts were used whereever possible, and what had to be fabricated was done precisely to original Waco factory prints.

The spirit of the restoration has been to keep the original appearance of the airplane as a sincere representation of its 1931 persona while bringing it operationally into the new millennium. In order to display the 1931 originality:

1. The paint Style selected was that of original factory style for the aircraft.
2. The instruments were restored to original.
3. Installation of the Hamilton Standard 5131 Propeller, which was original to the type, the Curtiss-Reed had not yet been certified nor is legal on this aircraft per the TCDS.
4. The fuselage is gas welded as originally done.
5. Stainless steel hardware was used wherever possible. Other hardware was re-plated to clear (silver) cad plate as used in 1931. Cottered nuts wherever possible.
6.Original Pioneer pitot/static mast used.
7. Original new/old stock grimes lights installed with true green lens on the right vs. later plue green.

We did a walk around video of the airplane posted below. There are photos of it on our home site under featured restorations under the WACO heading. Thank you for checking in!

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