Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hot Rod

In the Ice Cream Business you get customers that want vanilla and others that want a scoop of it all. Variety is a good thing especially when every firetruck, barn and biplane is red. There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever and, we enjoy recreating the iconic red bi-plane however, sometimes its fun to see how many different scoops you can cram into that sugar cone. Our team has the privilege of doing just that with our current project on the final completion deck. This UPF-7, yes "U", (sorry gang check the TCDS, the coupe top does not change the designation) will be one unique, beautiful and functional airplane that will dazzle the senses. Lets get this out first, its yellow, oh excuse me I meant YELLOW!!! Trim is of course black/red with some special attention to the struts, hardware and other goodies that you'll need to see in person to believe. Today the fuselage and cowling just received the trim stripes. Once the paint is set up, the airplane is ready to go into final assembly. All other surfaces are painted, trimmed and ready for installation. Stay tuned for more photos of this unique and modernized UPF-7. Here is a short list of some of the items that make this one a Hot Rod;
  • 300 hp Fuel injected Jacobs
  • Hamilton Standard Constant Speed Propeller
  • Custom instrument panels
  • Aspen Avionics Display
  • Garmin equipped
  • Engine analyzer
  • Fuel flow
  • Custom interior
  • Coupe Top
  • Cleveland Wheels & Brakes
  • Show Smoke
  • Custom lighting
  • Custom paint & trim.
  • Cowling

By the way, wait until you see the rest of the trim and besides, why not do something different to set yourself apart from the rest of the manufactured herd! Blue sky and tailwinds to all, have a great weekend!

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