Thursday, April 29, 2010


On earlier posts we shared with you the containerization of a WACO QCF and Fairchild 24W to be shipped to Brazil. About two weeks ago two of us, Justin Black and Ben Redman went to Brazil to assemble the airplanes. What a great experience!

We learned that ANAC, the Brazilian FAA has created a new Experimental Category to help facilitate aircraft like this being imported to Brazil. The QCF and 24W will be the first aircraft certified in Brazil under this category. We met and worked with the inspector who is assigned to this task and learned about their certification process. I believe this will open many doors for general and vintage aviation in Brazil. The interesting thing is that both Waco and Fairchild exported many airplanes to Brazil however, they must have all been for military or government use because, there is no supporting certification data on record with ANAC. Possibly their records don't go back that far or the people who operated them in the 40's just did not observe the rules.

Every day was an adventure. We had many people happy to help but, getting our hands on hardware or tools was a interesting task. Our hosts were incredible. The food was spectacular as well as the scenery. We even had the opportunity to do some flying while we were there. I will post a few different photos every few days for a while since there are so many. The best part was making great new friends while there and, knowing RARE will be in Brazil two more times this year!

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