Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We're into cover on N966CD. A Minnesota aviation icon 6CD is owned by Chuck and Jody Doyle of Webster MN. Chucks father bought the aircraft in 1948 and operated it until 2001. N966CD was used for sky writing and banner towing often seen in the sky above Minnesota flying over the cities and events such as ball games. Outfitted with a R-985, 50 gallon smoke oil tank and custom exhaust some serious sky writing could be accomplished with this Stearman. Several other details other than the smoke system make this a very custom airplane.
Chuck is restoring this airplane and returning it to the signature Doyle color, turquoise. It will also sport the same trim it spent its life in that his father designed. Chuck and Jody's Super Decathlon and Twin Beech are also turquoise. We are currently building a new set of wings adding a four aileron set with the help of John at Big Sky. The fuselage is about ready for cover and we have started on the tail feathers. We're honored to be working for our good friend Chuck and to return N966CD to the sky over Minnesota.

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