Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cub Crafters!

RARE Aircraft is pleased to announce that we have become a Cub Crafters Certified Sales Center. After visiting the Cub Crafters facility in Yakima, meeting the staff and of course flying the new Super Sport Cub we were thoroughly impressed. What a machine!!! This is the only 180hp LSA out there and this is something that MUST be experienced. Check out our new Cub Crafters page on the site and take some time to visit their spectacular site When it comes to the PA-18 and the Cub Crafters LSA line you will quickly find these airplanes are second to none in their genre, hands down. When Roy the President or RARE Aircraft came back with a ear to ear grin and thumbs up after flying the new 180 hp Super Sport Cub I knew I was in for a great demo flight myself and that this was just not another Cub. This airplane redefines the grassroots airplane and puts a whole new level of fun into flying. We expect our first aircraft to be on site within the next month. Call us for a demo!!

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