Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Family Just Got Bigger!

Our little company has humble roots not all that deep that go back to 1975. Dad's garage in Bloomington MN is where it all started. From there we went to "the farm" in Shieldsville MN and then to the Faribault airport. In 2002 we moved the operation to Owatonna MN and now as you have seen in previous posts we are again moving home, to Faribault. The one thing that has really changed about our company is our customer base. We have had the good fortune and privelage of gaining a customer base as broad as the entire United States. Earlier this year we gained a customer in New Zealand and last year the Neatherlands. Recently we had some visitors from Brazil. Despite a bit of a language barrier it was great to connect with some more airplane enthusiasts that share the same passion for aviation as we do. These gentleman did "join the family" and found two of our antiques that struck their fancy as well as initate the process to have a third restored with us. The new owner did say that the airplanes would live on his farm in Brazil which we found to be pretty cool. Jeremy and I were once knee high to a wheel pant on Dad's farm watching him work on and fly the old stuff off the grass strip hoping one day we would do the same. This winter we will be "on the farm" in Brazil, working away on reassembleing the aircraft being shipped there. It's a long ways from home but, we will be among friends and family. Family is everything, some say it's the only thing. Thanks to ALL of the RARE Aircraft Family; Pronunciation; ˈrer, ˈer-kraft, ˈfam-lē Definition: The entire group of artists that restore our airplanes and restoration/aircraft owners that give us the privelage to do what we do, past, present and future. Once your in the "family" your in and thanks for being a member.

P.S. We were hoping the Wacos would fit into the baggage compartment of the Global Express!

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