Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Genesis of Kilo-7

ZPF-7 - production code name; Kilo-7

We are very fortunate to have yet another customer that fuels the creative process and pushes us to new limits. A remanufactured beyond new standards WACO by RARE with flare. I can't wait until spring to roll this baby out. All new tip to tail with great custom features. All the woodwork is complete and the fuselage build up is underway.

It might get boring around here if we were just putting together another WACO like the last one and the only change ups were colors or the instrument panel. With our list of options and the customer being an integral part of the process we're having a ball! Check back for more progress photos of Kilo-7.

K-7's wing set ready for cover. New front cockpit access door. New Instrument panels.

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