Monday, December 20, 2010

Wrapping Presents the RARE way!

We recently finished an extensive recover and repaint on NC16009 a 1936 ZQC-6 Cabin Waco. This exercise was to bring the aircraft up to standard for our friends in Brazil. The structure, interior and overall quality of this aircraft is excellent. It was restored elsewhere about 14 years ago and the paint that was used was very brittle. A complete recover and repaint was in order and our guys made short work of the process. We also converted the brakes to new Cleveland's, built a new oil tank and tightened up the firewall forward installation.
Once all the work and the export C of A were complete we spent last Tuesday containerizing the C-6 for its trip to Brazil. From quietly residing in a hangar on Washington Is, Wisconsin, to our shop awaiting new owners to Brazil where it will get cared for, flown, and enjoyed regularly. This Cabin Waco doesn't know it yet but, it's going to have a great new life. It will be fun to see it join the F-2 and Fairchild in Brazil! We'll be on hand in Brazil to assemble and fly it soon. With our current weather situation I can't wait!

A short clip sent by the F-2 to let us know all is well.

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