Thursday, April 5, 2012


The guys are pushing both Stinson fuselages to pre-cover completion. With all the small parts replaced, refinished and ready for install you see new trinkets hung among the web of tubes daily. The SR-8 wood work is about complete. The door fitment operation is underway which requires making sure the windows crank up and down smoothly as well as the latch/handle operation. Another time consuming  task is fabrication and fit of the aluminum window frames. Overall things are coming along nicely on these two giants.
As you can see the V-77 has an aluminum stringer cage and a different arrangement of structure overall. Anyone that tells you a V-77 and SR are both Gull-wing Stinsons and basically the same isn't looking close enough! They do share several small parts and pieces but overall both airplanes are quite different.  Although we're not at the high "visual progress" stage of these projects quite a bit has taken place over the past couple of weeks. Thanks for checking in!

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