Tuesday, May 15, 2012

WACO's Going Cross Country

 These two beautiful F-7's are taking a tour of the Untied States during the next two weeks. Keith Kocourek and Ben Redman will be flying N29904 & N29352 on what Keith has dubbed "a lap around the country". Keith departed Wisconsin yesterday, in his blue F-7 N29904, with an over night at Stearman field (1K1) which he said was a fabulous place to stop. Today he's on the way to Albuquerque. Ben's Waco, N29352 is staged in Las Vegas Nevada. N29352 was the  AOPA Sweepstakes Airplane  in 2003. N29904 was Remanufactured by RARE Aircraft spring of 2011 and it's a stunner. The two airplanes will head to the coast from Vegas and work north to Seattle. Keep an eye out, these two may be stopping into your airport for a visit! Be sure to come by, say hello and see what RARE Aircraft calls "Real History, Remanufactured to NEW Standards". Thanks for taking the time to check in.  

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Dave said...

Sounds like a great adventure!!! Happy Flying!!